TotalView 3.12

Dynamic source code and memory debugging for C, C++ and Fortran applications
3.12.5 (See all)
IEX Corporation

TotalView is a GUI-based source code defect analysis tool that gives you unprecedented control over processes and thread execution and visibility into program state and variables.
It allows you to debug one or many processes and/or threads with complete control over program execution, from basic debugging operations like stepping through code to sophisticated techniques that are becoming more commonplace in the high performance computing world. You can reproduce and troubleshoot difficult problems that can occur in concurrent programs that take advantage of threads, OpenMP, MPI, or computational accelerators.

TotalView provides analytical displays of the state of your running program for efficient debugging of memory errors and leaks and diagnosis of subtle problems like deadlocks and race conditions. TotalView works with C, C and Fortran applications written for Linux (including the Blue Gene platforms), UNIX and Mac OS X platforms.

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